Freedom Park, Pretoria

Freedom Park

When apartheid ended, South Africa had to decide what to do with the many monuments to white rule. Among the most impressive is the Voortrekker Monument, a huge monolith commemorating the Afrikaner settlers who left the Cape and conquered South Africa’s interior.

Rather than knock down the monument, the new government decided to put it into a new context. That’s the Freedom Park, carved into the landscape overlooking the Voortrekker Monument. The park is founded on the values of┬áhuman dignity, rights and freedom. It’s a symbolic healing from the conflicts that have marred South African history, and retells the story of the past from a modern point of view — starting from the dawn of creation 3.6 billion years ago.


Guided tours daily at 9am, 12pm and 3pm.

Skietpoort Rd off Kgosi Mampuru St.