Hotels in Lagos

Hotels in Lagos

Business travelers are the bread and butter of hotels in Lagos, but plenty of them can give you a luxurious escape, home comforts or a quirky getaway.

Federal Palace  is a four-star hotel which boasts a large swimming pool ringed by four-poster beds where you can relax and forget about being in the city. The hotel restaurant serves burgers and cosmos, in a curious but pleasant crossed-wires way.

Even more decadent, Intercontinental Hotel brought the first five-star accommodation to Lagos, where you can get the best view of the city from the upper floors. You’ll enjoy the beauty of the sky clouds as the sun closes it’s business for the day.

A four-star hotel with a more eclectic feel is the Wheatbaker, with top-notch food and service and a more creative vibe. Art auctions are hosted here, so you might be lucky and stay during one of their regular exhibitions.

For quirkier fun, the Blowfish surrounds you with colour to create a holiday spirit. Pink walls and matching fuschia lounge chairs line the swimming pool. The decor inside is wonderful too.

To away from the city, the Oshogbo artist colony offers weekend stays where you can relax surrounded by local art. For the more adventures, book yourself in at the Bogobiri‘s B&B. It’s a colourful building where foreign journalists like to hang around. Make sure you join the visiting crew for a breakfast feast that is full of nice chats. (Bogobiri also has two bars.)

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