Angola’s capital is certainly an, uh, original tourist destination. A slightly crazy one, some would say. It’s hard getting tourist visas. The cost of living in Luanda is reliably among the most expensive in the world. The city poses all the inconveniences of a developing city: traffic jams, power cuts, dodgy water, lackluster customer service… and did we mention the outrageous prices?

Despite it all, Luanda is amazing. With a little resourcefulness and some good advice, your stay will be a one-of-a-kind adventure. Against a backdrop of sunshine and beaches, you’ll discover Angolans’ joie de vivre, rhythms of the kizomba, and the flavors of grilled langostines. Some Portuguese is handy too. It’s the dominant language in the city, so getting around and mingling with Angolans is much easier if you have some.

To get inspired, Luanda Postcards on Instagram posts beautiful photos of the city, a reminder of how great the beach life can be. They also choose some great places to hang out.

For some ideas on what to do after hours, check out Luanda Nightlife for tips on delicious meals and good music.   

For breathtaking views of the skyline at sunset, art in the streets, beautiful buildings and the people going about their everyday life. Cidade de Luanda best captures city life in its relaxed mode.