Malalaituka Grills in Yeoville

Malalaituka Pub & Grill

I wandered into Malalaituka Pub & Grill on a trip to Yeoville with fish on my mind. I was hoping for lunch at La Camerounaise, famous for its grilled fish on the braai. First of all, I battled to find it, even though it’s clearly marked. My youngest son Kuna had fallen asleep on my shoulder, and Alex was starting to whine, so we hopped into the first place I saw, which happened to be Malalaituka.

My friend Penny was meeting us and found La Camerounaise right off, but the braai wasn’t even fired up and the place was empty except for one table of guys drinking beers. My seafood hopes dashed, we settled in at a huge wooden table on the shaded terrace at Malalaituka Grills.

I suspect we’d have a very different experience there at nighttime. There were a few other people, but the vibe definitely said “Come back later when the music is going.”

The posted menu has little to bear on the actual food available, which was set out in trays ready to eat. The options were grilled steak, chicken stew and beef stew, served with pap, samp or rice, with cole slaw.

The portions were enormous, the kids could easily have shared one. The beef was tough, but the stew itself was delicious and the samp was warm and creamy and filling.

This isn’t the best place to come around for lunch, but I’d be curious to check it out in the evening. At the Yeoville market up the road, the lunch counters were packed and the food smelled fresh and spicy. That might be a better bet for lunch.

Getting to Malalaituka Pub & Grill

33 Rockey St, at the corner of Bezuidenhout St.