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Gallery Delta

Gallery Delta

For 40 years, Gallery Delta has operated as a counterpoint to the dominance of Shona sculpture in Zimbabwe’s art scene. It’s housed in what is believed to be one of the oldest homes in Harare, built in 1894 and carefully restored. They’ve also made it a mission to document Zimbabwe’s artist evolution. For nearly a decade, that happened in a quarterly magazine. Now, it’s on their website (where archives of the magazine can be downloaded for free).

Recent work included an exhibition on migration, a painful subject in a country where millions of people are believed to have fled overseas during the last 13 years. More than 40 artists contributed paintings, graphics and mixed-media sculpture that captured the sense of isolation and danger that many migrants experienced as they sought new lives. An amphitheatre in the garden hosts musical performances and literary events, making Gallery Delta a touchstone for the city’s cultural life.


Monday – Friday: 08h30 – 17h00

Saturday: 09h00 – 12h00

Closed on Sundays

110 Livingstone Avenue, Harare