Maputo Shopping Centre

Maputo Shopping Centre

A monument to both Maputo’s darker side and its richer future, The Maputo Shopping Centre is owned by Mohamed Bachir Suleman. The United States has officially designated him as a drug lord and barred Americans from doing business with him, so if you’re from the US, don’t shop here.

The building itself is sadly typical of Maputo’s redevelopment: old city blocks razed to make way for dreary modern high rises that feel like something China built for itself but didn’t need.

It’s still fun to gawk at, even if the shops are more reminiscent of a South African shopping plaza than a criminal underworld. There’s a gym, some fashion, a Mr Price, and an outdoor food court.

Don’t, however, take any pictures. The guards are quite serious about banning photography.

Getting to the Maputo Shopping Centre

85 R. Ngungunhane