Newlands craft market meerkats

Newlands craft market

Situated across a strange bit of civil engineering, the creations at the Newlands craft market have escaped the confines of their roadside stalls and colonised neighbouring traffic islands and medians — in the most delightful way possible.

This stretch of Enterprise Road in Harare was rather mysteriously rerouted before the Newlands Shops, creating a very unusual intersection that the market’s artists have used to their advantage. At the place where a zebra crossing should be, a life-size zebra made of welded scrap metal stands watch over the median. A pair of metal antelope stare at passersby from a traffic island. The thatch on a lapa has been layered to create a buffalo head snorting down on visitors as they enter.

There’s a wide selection of the usual curio stuff — carved giraffes and various beaded amphibians — but also occasional treasures. Whimsical meerkats and owls made from recycled metals, and a tin man cycling along his son on spindly-wheeled bikes.

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