Overture restaurant wildebeest

Overture Restaurant

From humble beginnings eight years ago, the Overture restaurant at Hidden Valley has evolved into one of the country’s most innovative restaurants. The menu includes dishes that many South Africans remember from their childhood supper table: ox tongue, lamb knuckle, apple tarts. For foreigners, the menu invites questions like, who is this Ouma Jossie and what are her slaaphakskeintjies? A granny and tiny pickled onions are the answers.

Here these classic meals are enlivened with fresh, seasonal ingredients, careful preparation, and a modern willingness to experiment with imported flavors like miso. Even people who shudder at the thought of trotters come away with newfound favorites.

Trading hours at the Overture Restaurant

Lunch served 7 days a week from 12h00 (ala Carte Menu); Dinner served Thursday to Saturday from 19h00

T4 Route, Off Annandale Road, Stellenbosch